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Schoolboy, 8, stunned at finding ‘British record’ 4in Frazzle


A BOY of eight was gobsmacked after discovering a 4in Frazzle — which could be a British record.

Ollie Skinner-Foster pulled the giant bacon-flavoured fry out of a bag during an after-school snack on Monday.


Ollie Skinner-Foster was left gobsmacked after finding a 4in Frazzle in his after-school snack[/caption]


Ollie, eight, measured the pub snack favourite which is almost as big as the bag[/caption]

His mum Laura-Jane Skinner bought the £1.35 Frazzles multipack from Asda not expecting to find the crispy beast inside.

Ollie, from Northampton, measured the pub snack favourite which is three times the size of a normal Frazzle and almost as big as the bag.

He is so chuffed with his monster find he refuses to eat it and instead has it on display in his bedroom.

His parents have looked at record books and believe it could be the largest of its kind ever found in England.

Mum-of-five Laura-Jane, 37, said: “It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen.

“He’s not going to eat it.

“I’ve got it in a plastic wallet.

“It’s pegged up on the wall so no one can touch it until we get a frame.

“I know sometimes you get big crisps in Walkers but you always do with them but not with Frazzles.”




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