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Starmer loses it and claims Kuenssberg 'not right' as she skewers him over broken promises


Sir Keir Starmer fired back at BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg after she confronted him over his broken promises as leader of the Labour Party. In a fiery interview, Ms Kuenssberg questioned whether the public could trust Sir Keir given his U-turns on policies from the NHS to tuition fees. The Labour leader appeared to lose it at one point, insisting that the BBC host was simply “not right”.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “Do you want people to trust you?

“This is about you making commitments and then changing your mind.”

Sir Keir responded: “I’m not sure you’re right to assume the public will say that they prefer someone who dogmatically insists whatever the position was before can never change.”

The BBC political host remarked on Sir Keir’s “ruthlessness” as party leader, adding: “Part of that ruthlessness has been junking promises you made to your party.

“You’ve ditched promises you made during the leadership campaign when they didn’t suit you anymore.”

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She then listed a few of his broken promises, saying: “You said you would end outsourcing in the NHS – that’s out.

“You said you would abolish Universal Credit – that’s out.”

She also highlighted university student tuition fees, which Sir Keir had previously pledged to scrap.

Sir Keir struggled to defend his record, as he blamed his U-turns on the fact that “a lot has changed” since he took over as Labour leader.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “I want to be crystal clear for any young person watching, or any parent watching, that as things stand, you are no longer promising you will get rid of tuition fees.”

The Labour leader responded: “We won’t make commitments we can’t keep given the damage to the economy.”

He added that people will see the U-turns as a party ready to take “tough decisions as the facts are right now”.

When asked about the NHS, Sir Keir said he wanted to reform the NHS to “preserve” it and prevent it from going into “managed decline”.

He stressed it would always be “free at the point of use” but suggested that a Labour government would make more use of the private sector to clear NHS waiting lists.




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