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Towie star reveals sweet new face tattoo


TOWIE star Demi Sims has got a new tattoo – on her face.

She is certainly no stranger to body art so it comes as no surprise that Demi, who is sister to Chloe, sported her new tattoo on social media for all her fans to see.


Towie star Demi Sims reveals new face tattoo[/caption]


Demi shows off her back tattoos[/caption]

Taking to Instagram, the reality TV star posted a picture of her heart shaped face tattoo.

Picturing the image of her new inking, Demi, 26, is seen laughing on video and joking with a pal who is struggling with the pain of a tattoo.

And while Demi is full of beans in this latest snap, her love life has been nothing short of trouble.

Despite batting off advances from fellow cast mates, Demi fell in love with Francesca Farago but the pair split in April 2021.

Speaking of their split Demi recently said: “After the weekend, I now feel I’m in an ok head space to respond. I’m dealing with a break-up [with] a girl I loved as well as seeing a lot across social media.

She added: ” She has portrayed me as a person I know I am not.I just want to put out there, a short statement to clear my name and defend myself a little bit as it is unfair on myself not to say a word.”

The couple’s split had become rocky when Francesca blocked Demi from social media.

Speaking about her experience Demi said: “I blocked her because she had uploaded on Instagram literally two minutes after we had broke up.”


Demi rose to fame on Towie[/caption]

The Only Way is Essex star Chloe Sims, with her siblings, Frankie, Demi, Charlie and Charlie’s fiancee Georgia Shults




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