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Twins reunited at 39 discover they lived identical lives – and their wives have same name


Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, commonly known as the ‘Jim twins,’ stunned the world with their uncanny story. The two identical twins, who were separated at birth and put up for adoption, did not meet one another until they finally reunited at the age of 39. The twins, born in 1940 and given the same name by their respective adoptive parents, grew up just 40 miles apart from each other.

However, while Jim Lewis was aware that he had a twin brother, Jim Springer’s mother had told him his twin had passed away as a baby.

Growing up, both of the twins had a brother named Larry and a dog called Toy.

They shared the same interests in school – mathematics and woodwork – and both hated spelling.

Incredibly, the two twins both first married women named Linda, only to divorce several years later.

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In a spooky turn of events, the two brothers’ second wives also had the same name – Betty.

Both men even gave their sons the same name – James Allan.

The Jim twins both were heavy chain smokers, suffered from migraines, and owned the same car – a Chevrolet.

The two brothers even took vacations at the same Florida beach resort, without running into each other.

Even though Jim Springer did not know his twin was still alive, he said he had “always felt an emptiness” growing up.

Following the eerie similarities of their lives, the pair were recruited for a psychological study.

Dr Thomas Bouchard of the University of Minnesota found that their medical histories and even their brain-wave tests were almost identical.

The pair also scored near-identical results on a personality test.

During the study, the identical twins even came up with the exact same thing when asked to draw a picture.

The identical results left Dr Bouchard “flabbergasted”.




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