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Unsigned Bands: 3 Powerful Elements of Telling Your Story to Connect with Fans

Initially leveraged in product marketing but finding applications in all areas of business and arts, storytelling is a way of going beyond one song or one album. It is an expression of what you, your band and your music stand for. Weaving a powerful story around your music makes it easier for fans to see what you really stand for and connect to your art. Here are three elements to bringing together your music to let it speak for you through a strong narrative.

What Does Storytelling Actually Mean?

Widely used in the commercial and advertising world, telling a story makes the advantages of a product — in this case, your band — much more cohesive, visible, and emotionally resonant. It doesn’t mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket trying to create a lavish intro video. New and unsigned bands can get a lot done by putting together a DIY project on their I5 Laptops or much more advanced but also more expensive laptops, using their own music, voiceover, ideas and images. The right story goes beyond dry, boring facts or montages. It is a powerful narrative that pulls the attention of your fans on a much more emotional level, helping them adhere to your journey as a band.

Why Does Storytelling Matter? 

Simply put, a well-constructed, authentic story helps with the longevity and success of your band. An emotionally resonant narrative lets fans see you as a person and connect to the real and authentic parts of your band. An interesting narrative with a powerful hook also makes it easier for people, critics and the press to talk about you, and feel invested in your success.

How Do You Go About Telling Your Story?

You can mine parts of your life to tell an authentic story. Here are a few tips to create an effective story.

Get to the Root of Your Motivation

Ask yourself questions such as, what motivates you and your band to create your music? Who are your most important influences? How did you get interested in your specific genre of music? 

Go Back to Your Heritage

If you associate closely with your heritage and culture, maybe speak about that. If you’ve grown up around a specific style of music and it influenced you, speak about that.

Make a Plan

To make sure you tell your story correctly, plan what and how much you want to share in advance. Not planning can lead to over-sharing or creating a boring, long-winded narrative.

Speak About Your Highs and Lows

Make your story unique by speaking about your personal highs and lows. This gives fans a better idea of who you are as a person and makes you much more memorable in a sea of musicians.

Your band will look much more cohesive and vibrant when you tell your story. Storytelling is thus a great way of elevating your music and humanising it. Done this way, your connection with fans will be much more organic and long-lasting.



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