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We know of no meaner or pettier tax than Jeremy Hunt’s extra levy on van drivers


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WE know of no meaner or pettier tax than the Budget’s extra levy on van drivers.

White Van Men are already stung for £728 a year — twice that if they’re on the higher income rate — for the “privilege” of using the vehicle they lease from work to do the school run or shopping.


Jeremy Hunt makes his autumn budget statement in the House of Commons in London[/caption]

That’s now going up £72, or £144 for higher-rate payers.

It will raise next to nothing for the Treasury in the context of a shortfall in the billions.

It’s just another gratuitous slap in the face for Sun readers trying to get on in life.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt opened the door yesterday for fuel duty to be frozen once again, after Budget stats wrongly showed he was intending to hike it 23 per cent next March.



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Great news if so.

But he must also revisit the “Transit Tax” — doubtless the bright idea of a Treasury official who has never had a job in the real world.

Van drivers already face monstrous fuel bills and soaring insurance.

With this extra levy they are being “bled dry”, as White Van Man Dan Ware rightly says.

Think again, Chancellor.

Beware voters

DOOM-mongering “experts” who claim we face decades of sky-high taxes are in for a shock.

Voters will only stand it so long.

With our total burden heading for an all-time peak, patience will be fleeting.

Centre-left think tanks may relish both Tory and Labour Governments taxing strivers and businesses till the pips squeak and redistributing the lot.

But it will lead to disastrously low investment, near-zero growth and much higher unemployment — a broken economy in a country spiralling into 1970s-style decay.

Voters will soon be begging for a party tough enough to face down unions, ignore Twitter and reform public ­services — including the NHS — to cut waste and get taxes down to levels under which Britain can thrive again.

If there is ANY election hope for Rishi Sunak’s Tories now it is if he does not share the high-tax fetish of the Left and its cheerleaders.

That he realises he must change course before 2024.

He can start, though, by incentivising the vast numbers currently opting not to work to fill our 1.2million vacancies instead.

Bring on footie


It’s time to put tax hikes, political rows, soaring bills and Russia’s war to the back of our minds for a bit.

Time even to rise above the justified outrage over the wicked, repressive, duplicitous, gay-hating, slave-driving, beer-banning Qatari regime which should never have been allowed to stage a World Cup, especially in November.

Time to pin up your magnificent Sun wallchart.

Time to get ready to roar on England and Wales on Monday.

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It’s a month-long feast of footie and it kicks off tomorrow.

We can’t wait.




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