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Wedding guest slams bride and groom for bizarre demand for their big day – and commenters agree they’re in the wrong


WEDDINGS can be eye-wateringly expensive once you take into account the cost of the food, ring, venue, outfits, and decorations.

But, one guest was left incensed when they had to pay for their meal at the reception.


Weddings are known for their extortionate cost as newlyweds enjoy a day of decadence[/caption]

A TikToker, known as Kelli, shared an invite that stated: “Please understand that you are obligated to pay for your own meal.”

The bride and groom also said that “All gifts are appreciated; monetary gifts are preferred.”

Kelli was not the only person that was left stunned by the request as other TikTokers were left wide-eyed.

One claimed: “Never been to a BYOF wedding.”

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And, another said: “I was invited to a wedding like this. I was shocked.”

Viewers said that they would turn down the invite if they were asked to pay for their food.

The bride and groom were slammed for putting the request in a fancy font.

The average cost of nuptials in 2021 was $28,000, and $34,000 if you’re including the ring, according to The Knot Real Weddings Study.

And, the larger the event, the higher the price rises.

But, a social media influencer, known as Techthots, has said that weddings don’t necessarily have to cost thousands.

She revealed: “I have expensive taste and I still achieve the wedding of my dreams.”

Techthots decided to make her own wedding bouquet after being quoted over $50 by a florist.

She spent $32 after buying eight bunches of flowers from the store.

She assembled her bouquet using roses, floral tape, and tulle bows before building it out.

In another clip, the influencer also turned a $6 lamp from a thrift store into a wedding centerpiece.

Meanwhile, newlywed Shayna told The U.S Sun that she saved a whopping $10,000 on her big day by hunting for deals at stores like Costco and discovering a credit card hack that allowed them to go on their honeymoon for free.

And, a bride who couldn’t afford her wedding came up with a cheaper solution but it left people divided.


One guest was left fuming after being asked to pay for their own meal[/caption]


TikTokers slammed the bride and groom for saying that ‘monetary gifts are preferred[/caption]




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