Who is Ioan Gruffudd’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace?


Who is Ioan Gruffudd’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace?

IOAN Gruffudd has found love again and his new lady is as used to the limelight as he is. Seven months after filing for divorce from Alice Evan

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IOAN Gruffudd has found love again and his new lady is as used to the limelight as he is.

Seven months after filing for divorce from Alice Evans, the Amazing Grace actor announced he was in a relationship with Bianca Wallace. Get the lowdown on her.


Ioan Gruffudd filed for divorce from his wife Alice Evans in March, 2021[/caption]

Who is Ioan Gruffudd’s girlfriend Bianca Wallace?

Much like Ioan, Bianca knows all about the nitty-gritty of stardom.

Said to be born in 1992, Bianca is 29 years old as of 2021.

She is an Australian actress and producer.

While details of her early life remain to be revealed, she is said to have moved to Brisbane in 2011 to pursue an acting career.

According to her social media platforms, Bianca leads an extravagant lifestyle, posting pictures of her holidays in exotic destinations.

A firm believer in spirituality, she frequently shares quotes and retweets on the Law of Attraction, a pseudoscience based on the belief that positive and negative thoughts bring forth positive and negative experience’s in a person’s life.

She gained recognition on October 27, 2021, after going viral after Ioan made their relationship official on Instagram.

The 48-year-old shared a loved-up snap of himself alongside his new girlfriend, captioning: “Thank you for making me smile again.”

When did Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace start dating?

A relationship timeline for Ioan and Bianca remains to be known.

The pair are said to have met in Australia, where Ioan had been filming the ABC series Harrow in recent weeks.

Bianca was allegedly working as an extra on the third series of the programme when she met the actor.

It has been reported that the Liar star had an extra-marital affair with Bianca Wallace, whilst still being married with Alice Evans, with whom he shares two daughters named Ella and Elsie.

Alice has claimed that Ioan was unfaithful to her with her friend Bianca for three years.

She has documented details of her bitter separation with Ioan on social media.

Speaking to Lorraine on Thursday, November 11, 2021, Alice said she knew something was wrong in her marriage after Ioan returned home in Los Angeles from Australia, after filming his new Harrow series.

“He came back, hugged the kids, he very dryly gave me a kiss on the cheek and that was when I knew something was wrong”, Alice told Lorraine.

It was then that Ioan had a gut-wrenching confession to make.

“He told me within the first few days: ‘I don’t love you anymore.’”

Alice remembers the announcement coming from “out of the blue.”

Their marriage took a devastating turn although Alice wanted to patch things up. Ioan even refused to share a bed with his wife.

“Over four months he said: ‘I don’t love you anymore, I might leave you or I might not leave you.’”

The couple eventually separated in January, 2021, with Ioan filing for divorce two months later.


Bianca Wallace is an Australian actress and producer[/caption]

What TV series and movies has Bianca Wallace appeared in?

As mentioned above, Bianca has had a role on Harrow as an extra.

However, she is also known for her work on films like sci-fi flick Loveland (2021), Bloodline (2020) and Relationshit.

In November, 2021, Loveland is still said to be in post-production.

As a producer, she has worked on the short film The Rain in Spain in 2019.