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Woman shares savvy way she cooks pasta – it saves energy, but others say it could trigger Italians


WITH rising energy bills and Christmas around the corner, we’re all trying to cut costs where we can. 

Now one woman has suggested how to save money on your electricity bills while cooking pasta – and claims it’ll still come out perfect every time. 

Monique regularly shares cooking tips with her 611,000 followers
Monique suggests you turn the hob off and leave the pasta in hot water for 10 minutes – but her followers weren’t convinced

Monique, known on Instagram as @ambitiouskitchen, regularly shares cooking tips with her 611,000 followers. 

In a recent video, the savvy cook shares how her followers can cook their pasta without using any electricity after the first two minutes. 

“I’ve just learned the coolest energy conservation tip for making pasta. 

“So you’re going to cook your pasta in boiling water for two minutes. Then you’ll turn the heat off, cover it, and let it sit for 10 minutes. 



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“Then your pasta will be perfectly cooked every single time.”

The video gained plenty of attention online, gaining more than 30,000 likes. 

But in the comments, not all were convinced, with one writing: “This video needs a trigger warning for Italians.”

Another said: “Not all pasta cooks in the same time frame…awful advice for making good pasta.”

A third said: “You must be joking right? You can’t be serious. That’s not a good way to make pasta because you’re not releasing all of the starch from it – you guys. Just stick with the regular plan.”

Although some raved about the hack, with one commenting: “Been doing this for years!! Works for all pasta! Just adjust time sitting in water!!” 

@lanisch added: “I do this with eggs as well! Once the water boils, turn it off and let sit for 12 minutes. The PERFECT soft-boiled eggs every time!!”




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