'Would be far better monarch than any of them!' Queen urged to make Princess Anne reign UK


'Would be far better monarch than any of them!' Queen urged to make Princess Anne reign UK

Princess Anne has 'gravitas' for counsellor of state says expertAnne, Princess Royal "would make a far better monarch" than her siblings, an Expres

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Princess Anne has ‘gravitas’ for counsellor of state says expert

Anne, Princess Royal “would make a far better monarch” than her siblings, an Express.co.uk reader said in discussion over Andrew’s title of prince after he was stripped of his military roles and Royal patronages.

The suggestion came in response to a comment by another reader, with username UKPatriot, who said: “Now is the time to right a wrong and end discrimination against our excellent Princess Anne.

“Purely because she is female Anne has been kept beneath her two younger brothers in the line of succession.

“This is the exact time that she should take her rightful place given that females are now and for some time have been considered equal to males.

“This would also have the positive effect of making Andrew even more minor in his royal position.”

To this, user HBR replied: “Exactly. She would work, and already has worked, harder than Charlie-boy and would make a far better monarch than any of them when the Queen’s life comes to an end.”

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Princess Royal

Now is the time ‘to right a wrong’ and make Princess Anne the next Monarch, a reader claimed (Image: Getty)

Andrew, 61, remained ninth in line to the throne after stepping down from royal duties over his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2019.

Now, despite the accusations of sexual abuse against him, that is still the case.

Virginia Giuffre, formerly known as Virginia Roberts, says he committed “sexual assault and battery” upon her when she was a teenager.

Andrew has consistently denied all claims against him.

But even Prince Charles, who is first in line to succeed Her Majesty, might not be the public’s first choice if they had a say.

Prince Andrew

The Duke of York remains in line to the throne despite accusations of sexual abuse against him (Image: Getty)

Prince Charles

In a 2021 poll, only 30 percent voted for Charles as their preferred option to succeed the Queen (Image: Getty)

In a 2021 poll asking 3,043 British adults who should succeed Queen Elizabeth II, only 30 percent voted for him.

Meanwhile, 41 percent voted for Prince William, 39, suggesting they would rather skip the Prince of Wales, 73, and give way to the Duke of Cambridge to reign the nation.

But the survey, which interviewed people online between October 13 and 15, did not ask Britons about Princess Anne, who was named 2021’s hardest working royal.

The 71-year-old took the top spot with 387 official engagements, snapping the crown from Charles, who took it the two previous years.

The Firm’s work is monitored by royal watcher Tim O’Donovan, who tracks the type and number of engagements each member carries out through the Court Circular, the official daily list of royal engagements.

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Princess Royal

The Princess Royal has long been known as one of the hardest-working members of the Firm (Image: Getty)

Anne has been known as one of the hardest-working royals for decades, and that is reflected in public opinion.

Ian Lloyd, author of The Duke: A Life in 100 Chapters, told Express.co.uk: “Princess Anne is very, very popular.

“Whenever I meet people and talk about who is their favourite royal, somewhere there is a mention of Princess Anne in that.

“And a few years ago there was a poll on who could be Britain’s president if it became a republic, and Princess Anne topped it.”

The 1994 Gallup poll asked more than 1,000 people to choose a president among public figures from politics, sport, business and the media, and 32 percent opted for Princess Anne.

The Princess Royal was reportedly crucial in the process of creating further distance between the Firm and Andrew.

Before Buckingham Palace’s announcement it was further removing Andrew from royal life, Charles asked the views of Anne as well as of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex in order to pass them onto the Queen.

A source said: “The three siblings held several meetings, one of which included Prince Andrew.

“They were all in agreement, which took the pressure off their mother, but it is the Queen, ultimately, who still has the power here.”

Speaking to the Mail, they added: “Charles and Andrew are not particularly close, so it was important that any meetings were held with Anne and Edward present.

“The Duke of Cambridge has been informed and agreed with his father and grandmother but his role has been somewhat overplayed in all this.”

Additional reporting by Alice Scarsi